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David Moya-Balasch

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MA Candidate in Southwest Studies

Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, David's research interests are as diverse as his background. Inspired by the rich and unique New Mexico Spanish dialect, David is a Masters student in the Hispanic Southwest Studies program. David's interest in lexical variation in the Southwest leads to his focus on Spanish in contact with other languages, as well as Spanish as a Heritage Language. David is passionate about Spanish and Spanglish short stories, especially legends and urban myths centered around the borderlands, as well as the interpretation and cultural significance of shorts stories and music from Latin America in US pop culture. David would like to one day write an original screenplay, record an album, and publish one (or more) books and short stories about immigrant life in the United States, how we define the concept of home and belonging, and the meaning of being Latino in today's world.


Physical Address

Room 303
Ortega Hall
Building # 79 on the UNM map