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Sonia Rodriguez

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PhD Candidate in Hispanic Literature

Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Sonia’s research interests include twentieth and twenty-first century Spanish-American literature

with emphasis on the Mexican culture and literature, and with a particular focus on transnational

feminism and border studies.  In her dissertation, she examines the depiction of migrant women in

Mexican literature.  She explores the representation of the feminization of migration

and the cultural relations in which migrants are inserted in the context of contemporary

globalization.  She has presented part of her research at various conferences.

Her teaching experience includes language, culture, and literature, including undergraduate and

graduate courses.  She designed the course “Migration, literature, and culture”, which focuses on

narrative and film that have emerged out of the current human displacements occurring

from Mexico and Central America to the United States.  Sonia is a lecturer in the Modern & Classical

Languages Department at the University of Wyoming, and she will complete her dissertation in May,