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Prof. Holguín Chaparro Wins Poetry Publication

November 21, 2017

On Thursday, November 16, 2017 La Coordinación de Fomento a la Lectura y Programa Editorial del Instituto de Cultura del Municipio announced the winners for the “Publicaciones 2017”.  Among the winners was Professor Carmen Julia Holguín Chaparro, winning in the poetry category with her book Disculpen las molestias, which will be published in “Nakarówari” next yearThis contest is designed to support the talent of local writers, help them be recognized and promote reading among Chihuahua’s population and beyond.  The contest requires that the submitted work be unpublished, so it may be publish it in one of two collection books, “Nakarowari” or “Voces de mi Ciudad: Mi Barrio.”  The winners are going to receive the first edition of the book and be a part of this year’s collection.

Congratulations on the new publication Professor Holguín Chaparro!