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IV Centennial Anniversary Celebration of Cervantes: Don Quixote

Reading Series Schedule:

To RSVP to attend the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Alumni Event on Friday, October 16th please send an email to:

            Don Quixote Book 1 Chapters 1-52

Don Quixote Book 2 Chapters 1-74                 

Book 1SpanishEnglish
Quixote_Book 1_PrefaceView/PrintView/Print
Quixote_Book 1_Chapter 1--View/PrintView/Print
Quixote_Book 1_Chapter 2--View/PrintView/Print
Quixote_Book 1_Chapter 3--View/PrintView/Print
Book 2SpanishEnglish
Quixote_Book 2_PrefaceView/PrintView/Print
Quixote_Book 2_Chapter 1--View/PrintView/Print
Quixote_Book 2_Chapter 2--View/PrintView/Print
Quixote_Book 2_Chapter 3--View/PrintView/Print