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Rosa Vallejos

  • Functional syntax
  • Documentary fieldwork
  • Spanish in contact with Amazonian Languages

Diccionario Kukama-Kukamiria Castellano

This document contains approximately 2400 lexical and grammatical entries. It documents many Kukama-Kukamiria processes and socio-cultural practices, as well as their sophisticated knowledge of the natural environment. Fishing is a fundamental activity in the life of the Kukama-Kukamirias and it entails a deep knowledge of the aquatic world. This is reflected in their language which has more than 110 names for different species of fish. We have also documented more than 120 terms to name different species of birds, 25 species of palm trees, among others. Each entry includes example sentences illustrating the different uses the headword can have, complemented with ethnographic notes, scientific names for flora and fauna, dialectal variation, pictures and drawings. Many of the words compiled in this document come from traditional stories, personal narratives, conversations, ikaros, and songs collected between 2004 and 2014 as part of a documentation project. During this period, we visited 16 communities and interviewed 42 speakers. We thank each of those who shared their time and knowledge with us.

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Photo: Diccionario Kukama-Kukamiria Castellano

A Grammar of Kukama-Kukamiria A language from the Amazon

This book offers a comprehensive description of Kukama-Kukamiria, spoken by about 1000 elders in the Peruvian Amazon. The empirical basis for the grammar is fifteen years of fieldwork, including text data from 36 fluent speakers. Seventeen chapters deal with phonology, morphology, syntax and discourse phenomena. Salient typological features include a robust morphological distinction between male and female speech; the expression of TAM categories via fixed clitics; the encoding of three-place predicates by means of transitive clauses; six directive constructions that distinguish degrees of pragmatic force; and multiple types of purpose clauses that differ in terms of coreference control. This grammar also shows the Tupí-Guarani origin of an important number of Kukama-Kukamiria grammatical structures and advances comparative studies in the region.

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Photo: A Grammar of Kukama-Kukamiria A language from the Amazon