Professor Rivera special guest at the last Tertulia

November 16, 2016

Professor Susana Rivera was a special guest at the last Tertulia event of the semester hosted by La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica, Sigma Delta Pi- Capítulo Mu Alpha. The hour long event consisted of Professor Rivera reciting poetry both in Spanish and English to students and guests. The poetry reading was particularly significant because it was in honor of Ángel González, the poet. 


Below is a poem read by Professor Rivera at the event. Poem by Ángel González.


Le comenté:

–Me entusiasman tus ojos.

Y ella dijo:

–¿Te gustan solos o con rímel?


respondí sin dudar.

Y también sin dudar

me los dejó en un plato y se fue a tientas.



I said to her:

-Your eyes enchant me.

And she asked:

-Do you like them plain or with mascara?


I replied without hesitation.

And then too without hesitation

She left them on a plate for me and blindly went away.