PhD Candidate Diego Busto Presents at the Bilinski Colloquium

December 4, 2019

On November 20, 2019, Spanish and Portuguese PhD candidate Diego Bustos participated in the Bilinksi Colloquium.The Bilinski Fellowship is available to Ph.D students in the final stage of the writing of their dissertations and offers an invaluable support to scholars in the early stage of their academic careers. 

Diego studied Economics and History at the “Universidad Nacional de Colombia” and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Texas at El Paso. He won in 2003 the national short story prize “Ciudad de Bogotá”. He worked as an editor for Revista Coroto (based in El Paso, Texas) until 2012. His fiction and literary criticism have been published in anthologies and journals in Brazil, Colombia, the United States and Canada. His research interests focus on discourses of social mobility and new middle classes in contemporary literary production of Latin America and Brazil. 

Diego Bustos specializes in twentieth and twenty-first century Latin American and Brazilian Literature. His work deals with transnational discourses of social mobility (emergent global middle classes), critical development theory, citizenship and democracy in Latin American literary production, particularly in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. His talk addressed how a corpus of novels and cultural performances create a language of rights through the negotiation of a repertoire of meanings on inequality and plurality in these three countries. He proposes that these works advance a transnational genealogy of development where given ideas on middle-class and citizenship shape the reach and possibilities of democracy in the region. He is specially interested in a transnational analysis of the coincidence between the surge of new middle classes and the swing toward right wing neo-populism in the hemisphere.

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