Alumni Spotlight

February 21, 2020

This week we S&P would like to highlight Yolanda Dominguez whom is the Senior Director of Development for the College of Arts & Sciences.  Yolanda is a 1995 alumna of UNM's Spanish and Portuguese Department and completed her Masters Degree in Public Administration at UNM in Spring of 2015.

I came to UNM because I received the Presidential, Regents, and Valedictorian Scholarships here. Most people from SE NM go to Eastern or NMSU. I came north because the financial award package was better. Even thought it was intimidating coming up to "big city," from my home town of Jal, New Mexico. I chose Spanish as my undergraduate major because I wanted to become a certified court translator but ended up as a career fundraiser. Still, I have used my degree at every job I have ever held. Growing up I was part of the generation not encouraged to speak Spanish. Our parents didn't want us to have a Mexican accent so we ended up learning what we gleaned from them talking about us. I wanted to be a fluent Spanish speaker and UNM was the perfect place for it. Of my professors, Tony Cardenas made the biggest impression on me. He used humor to make medieval Spanish literature more interesting and bring it to life!


All that my son and I have is owed to UNM. Because of my UNM education, I am able to provide for us today and do a bit for my parents (Nicolas G. and Connie P. Dominguez) who I am lucky to still have. They live in Hobbs, NM. Today my job is raising money for the College of Arts & Sciences. A position I am very grateful for. I can do this job con mucho animo, because I know first hand the wonderful things UNM does for students, alumni, and New Mexico.


Thanks for all the wonderful things you do for UNM!