Alumni Spotlight

May 5, 2017

Alejandrina graduated from the S&P Department in December 2016 with an MA in Hispanic Literature. Ms. Padilla is now working at the National Institute of Flamenco planning the organization’s 30th annual Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you are now:
"I graduated in December 2016 with an MA in Hispanic Literature from the University of New Mexico’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. During my time as a student I had a particular affinity for the analization of literature and was further inspired by my professors to realize that literature is not solely words on a page, but that it can be a living and breathing thing."

"As a testament to that realization, I am now truly blessed to be working with the National Institute of Flamenco as a Festival Flamenco Coordinator and use the skills I learned as a student to help plan one of the most renowned flamenco festivals in the world. This year we will be celebrating our 30th festival and bringing more than 50 dancers and musicians from Spain to Albuquerque. Most of what I do revolves around this component of the festival: contracting with Spanish Flamenco dance companies and artists and translating everything from the contracts themselves to some very literary choreographic show descriptions and letras."

"Throughout my academic studies in the Department of S&P I always complimented my academics with the study of flamenco and found that the two fields fused together beautifully. In Profesora Rivera’s class we would read and analyze works from the  ‘Generación 27’, and a few days later in the dance studio letras from these authors would be adapted to accompany our dance.  This allowed me to learn and appreciate literature in two very different but equally important ways that now both serve my growth as a professional. "


Your time and memories from S&P Department:

"All of my professors and colleagues in the S&P department greatly contributed to how I have grown not only as a student but also as a person. Over and again in many of my classes I would become so moved by the way the language could be woven together to create stories and provoke such a deep level of self-reflection."

 "I have so many great memories from my time as a student and teacher. I remember having so much fun traveling with Profesor Cardenas’ España Literaria class to Spain and seeing all the places we read about in person. I remember studying Don Quijote in its entirety with Profesora Quinn and realizing how masterful a novel can truly be. I remember struggling in Profesora Vallejos’ linguistics class, but finally coming away from it with a tremendous appreciation for and interest in linguistics. All of my professors in the S&P department were truly inspirational and I am grateful for all that they have taught me.  I am especially fond of the memories I have as a teacher watching timid students start to learn, speak and care about Spanish-- much in the same way I began my own journey. "

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Alejandrina!