Alumni Spotlight

November 17, 2017

Alex Macias illuminates our Alumni Spotlight this week, graduating from UNM with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Spanish.  He is currently helping with the immigrant community in New Mexico.  

*What are you doing now/where are you

I am a Paralegal at the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, a non-profit organization that provides free legal services to low-income individuals. I work with undocumented youth primarily to help them seek permanent paths for legal status so that they have access to medical needs, school loans, and the same opportunities as U.S citizens. 

*Professional highlights post-graduation

I have had the pleasure of being the media spoke person for the organization and have done several interviews with Telemundo, Univision, Radio Lobo, and Generation Justice. 

*Research Interests/are you using your Spanish/Port degree

Currently the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center provides free legal orientations to Detainees at the Cibola County Detention Center so that they know what their rights are. The detention center has individuals from all over the world, including Brazil, Angola, and Central America. I have been able to utilize both my Spanish and Portuguese in communicating with these individuals both in dialogue and in translating documents from one language to the other. 

*Memories with the Span/Port Department

I remember working with the Spanish and Portuguese Department and learning there. Two of the main things that come to mind are enjoying Professor Cardenas' classes on Don Quijote and being called "el roto" one of Don Quijote nicknames in his book. The name-calling was a way of endearment by Professor Cardenas and a way to engage me in the classroom.