S&P Graduate Students at Shared Knowledge Conference

November 14, 2017

At the Shared Knowledge Conference hosted by UNM on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, numerous SpanPort graduate students showcased their research.  The Shared Knowledge Conference is a recognition for UNM graduate students excellency in their research and scholarships, allowing an engagement within the New Mexico communities.  This year, the conference involved two types of graduate showcases: LoboBITES and Poster Showcase. 

LoboBITES was a three-minute competition, where the graduates explained their thesis or dissertation in an academic setting.  The prizes included in this competition were scholarships and a paid trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to represent UNM and compete in a "three-minute thesis"-type competition.  For the Poster Showcase, the graduates presented their research in a poster form and were able to engage with conference attendees.

The following graduate students participated in the conference.


Kelly Cardoso da Silva, MA Candidate - Black Feminine Identity Construction: Human Rights Claims Through Literary Resistance

Mark Cisneros, PhD Candidate - Usage-Based Activities for Beginning Level Spanish Heritage Learners

Karen de Melo, MA Candidate - Re-inking Brazil: Race in Brazilian Graphic Novels

Andre de Oliveira Nascimento, MA Candidate - The Gay Enemy: Dictatorship and Dialogues of Human Rights Violation in Brazilian Contemporary Literature

Debra Nieto, MA Candidate - Resistance and Assimilation in Post-Annexation New Mexico: The Forgotten Works of Felipe M. Chacón

Mariana Sierra, PhD Candidate - Democracy and Acts of Citizenship in Brazilian and Colombian Cultural Production

Poster Showcase:

Diego Bustos, PhD Candidate - Memories of development: nostalgia and inclusion in Guia afetivo da periferia, by Marcus Vinícius Faustini

Bryn Campbell, PhD Candidate - Revealing Silences: The Representation of Black Identity in Afro-Caribbean Literature from the 19th to the 21st century

Mario Del Angel, PhD Candidate - The Spanish of Contemporary New Mexico

Congrats on your success Graduates!