Alumni Spotlight

December 1, 2017

The Alumni we would like to illuminate this week is Sutter Sugar.  Mr. Sugar was co-President of SPGSA and is currently a sucessful realtor, and a volunteer at Manzano High School. 

*What are you doing now/where are you

“Presently, I am a Realtor, partnering up with my mother Linda Sugar, forming The Sugar Team (using our last name, get it?).  We work at the brokerage Q Realty.  Personally, I have happily been working in real estate for about eleven years.”

*Professional highlights post-graduation

“Probably my latest professional highlight since graduating has been that my mother and I have been the Number 1 Team in Production for our Company in the entire state of New Mexico in 2014, 2015 and 2016.”

*Research Interests/are you using your Spanish/Port degree

“I find that I use my Master’s Degree in Spanish on a daily basis, but more indirectly.  I have never been able to save a life by knowing how to dissect El Quijote, however I do work with clients on a regular basis that only speak Spanish.  In addition, the analytical skills I learned in the Department transfer into easily being able to analyze Contracts.  The presentation skills I gleaned have clearly helped me in sales and public speaking.  Finally, I volunteer tutoring high school students every Wednesday after school at Manzano High School.  UNM instilled in me the desire to continue to serve the community.”

*Memories with the Span/Port Department

“I fondly remember the camaraderie I developed with my fellow graduate students, whether it was preparing for the GRAN EXAM or lesson plans for teaching ser v. estar.  And how could I forget the INSANITY of preparing for the yearly dance (a fundraiser event during the department’s annual conference) when I was co-President of SPGSA in ’99!”