Alumni Spotlight

March 2, 2018

This week, Jennifer Dumont graces our Alumni Spotlight!  Jennifer graduated from UNM, with her PhD in Hispanic Linguistics in 2011, and is currently at Gettysburg College. 

"I'm currently an Associate Professor of Spanish at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. Upon graduating from UNM, I revised my dissertation into a book manuscript. My insights on the grammar of the third person in Ecuadorian Spanish was published by John Benjamins in 2016, in a volume titled 'Third Person References: Forms and Functions in Two Spoken Genres of Spanish'. I have also continued researching the effects of language contact and have published three articles looking at varieties of Spanish as diverse as Andean Spanish and New Mexican Spanish. I have very fond memories of my time as a graduate student at the University of New Mexico. I have been collaborating with UNM professor Damián Vergara-Wilson for over a decade now, a partnership that began in graduate school and has endured throughout the subsequent stages of our careers. I incorporate a lot of the knowledge that I learned while working on the compilation and transcription of a corpus of New Mexican Spanish (a project directed by former UNM professors Rena Torres Cacoullos and Catherine Travis) in the classes I teach at Gettysburg. I believe that my experience teaching so many different kinds of learners at UNM (native speakers of Spanish, heritage speakers and second language students) made me a better educator. I appreciate the unique opportunities I had as a student in the Spanish and Portuguese Department of UNM that prepared me to be a successful Spanish professor and linguist and resulted in many life-long friendships."

Congrats on all your accomplishments!