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Alumni Spotlight
March 8, 2019

Alumni Jessica Arreola graces our Alumni Spotlight, this week!  Jessica graduated in 2016, with an MA in Southwest Hispanic Literature, and is currently pursuing a law degree.  She credits S…

Alumni Spotlight
February 22, 2019

This week, we would like to distinguish Alumni Carmella Scorcia Pacheco! Carmella graduated from UNM with an MA in Southwest Studies in 2011, and is currently at the University of Arizona, where she h…

Alumni Spotlight
February 8, 2019

Happy New Year and welcome back to the new school year of 2019! We are excited to introduce our first Alumni of the semester, Felix Manuel Burgos, who graduated from UNM in 2013 with a PhD in Hispanic…

Alumni Spotlight
December 7, 2018

Alessandra Luiselli graces our last Alumni Spotlight of the semester! Dr. Luiselli graduated from UNM with her PhD in Philosophy and Romance in 1990.  Currently, she is a Professor at Texas A&M i…

Alumni Spotlight
November 9, 2018

This week, Earl Brown illuminants our Alumni Spotlight.  Dr. Brown graduated in 2008 with a PhD in Hispanic Linguistics.  Currently, he is an Associate Professor at Brigham Young University …

Alumni Spotlight
October 26, 2018

Our distinguished alumni this week is Vanessa de Veritch Woodside.  Vanessa is currently a tenured faculty member at the University of Washington, Tacoma, and is working on developing servic…

Alumni Spotlight
October 5, 2018

This week we are proud to highlight an inspirational alum, Susana Rivera-Mills.  Dr. Rivera-Mills graduated UNM in 1998 with a PhD in Romance Languages.  She received some exciting news over…

Alumni Spotlight
September 21, 2018

Welcome back to the new school year! We would like to begin our Alumni Spotlight with an inspiring alum: Adrienne Gonzales. Dr. Gonzales graduated from UNM with a PhD in Hispanic Linguistics in 2012 a…