Sandra Marroquin-Evans

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MA Candidate in Hispanic Literature

Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Sandra Marroquin-Evans is a lifelong learner born and raised in Guatemala with hopes to attend the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala but after completing her secondary school she had to, abruptly, live her country to the United States of America. It was the late 70’s when Sandra, her mother and her little brother arrived in the cold but magnificent city of Chicago. She started taking classes here and there at local community colleges, later at the University of Illinois at Chicago, then at the University of Texas at Dallas and finally completing two associates at CNM in Albuquerque. While raising her precious boy/girl twins who are now 24, Sandra earned her BA at UNM this past May. Thanks to Professor Kim Lopez who made her see the possibilities for a higher education, Sandra is reconnecting with her roots, her language, and her history as she pursues her MA in Spanish. She loves dance, photography, theatre, and improvisation and believes in the power of community, interconnectedness, and working together, all under one roof, nuestra Madre Tierra. Sandra grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the UNM community.