Undergraduate Problems

Undergraduate Problems in Spanish (SPAN 497) and Portuguese (PORT 497)

Portuguese/Spanish 497 Undergraduate Problems is a course that allows students to carry out independent study on a topic in which they have a particular interest and that is related to the literatures, languages and/or cultures of the Hispanic or Luso-Brazilian World. Such in-depth study should be undertaken by students who have proven their ability to work independently at an advanced level and who have identified a specific topic they wish to pursue through intellectual inquiry, including readings, research, writing and/or the development of some other form of academic project.

A maximum of 6 credit hours of SPAN 497 or PORT 497 may be applied toward a Spanish or Portuguese major, second major or minor. Restriction – permission of instructor required. 

Eligibility and Guidelines

  1. To take an Independent Study the student should be a junior or a senior.
  2. The student must have completed Spanish 307 or Portuguese 312 or the equivalent.
  3. Faculty teaching the Independent Study must be regular faculty.
  4. The student must have studied with the faculty member for at least one semester, and should have consulted with the faculty member the semester before.
  5. Independent Studies are not given in lieu of courses regularly taught.
  6. A maximum of 6 hours of Portuguese 497 and Spanish 497 may be applied to the degree.
  7. The student must submit to the professor by the end of the first week of classes a proposal with bibliography, research questions, and outline of work to be done with deadlines using the Independent Study / Undergraduate Problems Course Petition.
  8. Once accepted by the faculty member, both student and faculty member sign the proposal. The proposal should be submitted to the Undergraduate Advisor by the add/drop date.