Upcoming Abril para la palabra

Abril para la palabra is a cultural event committed to promote the magic of Spanish and English words among our students since 2017. It can be held in-person or virtually.


Abril para la palabra has hosted very influential writers reading their poetic work, translated by students from our Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UNM. Several of these activities have taken place thanks to the Ricardo Aguilar Melantzón translation workshop. This workshop is led by independent scholar and poet, Héctor Contreras López, who collaborates with the Department as a volunteer.


We have had exemplary readings by writers outside and inside our Department, including Renny Golden, Demetria Martínez, David Wilde (†) Eleuterio Santiago Díaz, Paulo Dutra, Ana Gabriela Hernández and many others.


Abril para la palabra 2024: 9th Edition 

Second Poetry Meeting: Angels in the Land of the Enchantment

April 18-25, 2024

Abril para la palabra-Invitados


Abril para la palabra 2024 includes plenty of great poetry readings, literary talks, book presentations, and much more by our special guests: Carmen Amato, Lilly Blake, Adriana Candia, Ana Gabriela Hernandez, Cynthia Melendrez, Victoria Montemayor, Ruby Myers, Virginia Ordóñez, Vielka Solano, and Sylvia Vergara. The meeting in 2024 will be an Angels in the Land of Enchantment reunion for ten talented women writers from Mexico and the USA.

Special thanks to the LAII Department for supporting this event.

See the program, come and enjoy “the magic of words."


Thursday, April 18th:


Victoria Montemayor: Tra amore e morte (Talk in Italian)
Rachelle Duke´s Italian course

MH 115


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Vielka Solano: El servicio como vocación, la poesía como salvación (Bilingual Talk)

LAII Conference Room

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Ruby Myers. Pero lo recuerdo como si fuera cierto (Book presentation in Spanish)

Ortega Hall 335

Recital poético: Voces para la memoria (Poetry Reading in Spanish)

Ortega Hall 335


Friday, April 19th:

Guitarra Flamenca con Gabriel Lautaro Osuna

Ortega Hall 335

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Lilly Blake. 100 rostros culturales de Chihuahua. (Book presentation in Spanish)

Ortega Hall 335pm

Virginia Ordoñez. Migraciones. (Book presentation in Spanish)

Ortega Hall 335pm


Thursday, April 25th:

Michelle Otero: Donde la frontera no es una metáfora

Bilingual Poetry Reading with Héctor Contreras López

Ortega Hall 335

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Please email any questions to Prof. Carmen Julia Holguín Chaparro cjhch@unm.edu.