The Spanish Presence in the United States


Friday, September 26, 2014

This symposium is dedicated to the varied presence of Spain in the United States from Cape Cod to Sitke, Alaska as presented by our three speakers:

"La Presencia Española Colonial in our National Story: From the Caribbean to Alaska , 1492-1848," by Joseph P. Sánchez, PhD

"La Presencia Latina in our National Story: The American Latino Heritage Initiative and Inclusiveness," by Angélica Sánchez-Clark, PhD

“Las Identidades Coloniales de América Latina and Our National Story:  Legacies and Symbols of Gender, Race and Ethnicity,” by Margarita R. Ochoa, PhD

A principal goal of this event is to appreciate the Spanish legacy not only granted to the Southwest US, but to the entire North American continent as presented by the United States.  Spanish predates the arrival of English and has coexisted with English for more than 400 years.  The intention of this symposium then is to celebrate this fact.  The conference will conclude with an Alumni Fundraiser, a complimentary dinner and sangría in 335 Ortega Hall, during which the public will be able to socialize and discuss further issues of the Hispanic presence with the speakers and among themselves.

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